Tweet, tweet: Are you using Twitter effectively?

Last week in class we had some discussion about Twitter and using it to get more blog readers. Our homework for this week was to read two articles that focus on that same idea.

We read 20 Top Twitter Monitoring and Analytics Tools and Social Media Analytics Apps Are Topped By Twitter’s Own

Pam Dyer, who wrote the first article, compiled a list of applications that Twitter users can employ to see if their tweets are reaching the target audience or encouraging them to buy certain products. Some of the apps seemed like they might be a little bit more useful than others, specifically because they all have different aims. Here is a list of what I thought to be the most important features within those apps.

  • Link popularity (Twazzup): Measures the number of retweets of a certain link in the Twitter-verse
  • Following mentions of certain brands (TweetBuzzer): This app reveals which brands are the current most discussed on Twitter. Even if it is not your own, the real purpose in using this app is that you have the possibility of researching those brands and mimicking their Twitter campaigns to improve your own.
  • Revealing the effects of specific tweets (TweetEffect): According to Dyer, TweetEffect can show which tweets caused users to jump ship and which tweets brought in followers.
  • Using graphs to present the data (Twitter Analyzer): Users of Google Analytics will like this app, as they work in a similar manner. Twitter Analyzer shows how many of your followers are currently online, who retweets your messages, what people are writing about you, Twitter following stats and your own tweeting habits.
  • Following the most popular links (Twitturly): Similar to what Twazzup can do, Twitturly gives a vote to a URL every time that it is posted. The tweets with the most votes make it into their daily Top100.
  • Seeing interactions about your company (Spy): In a semi-lurking manner, Spy will show conversations that mention your product. That could allow for companies to see specific examples of praises and complaints concerning their products or services.
  • Keeping track of keywords (TwiBuzz): Like following links, TwiBuzz lets users see how certain words from a list are being used on Twitter.

And then there is Trendly, the Twitter-owned app. The chief feature that I was interested in was the ability to see the positive and negative effects of certain tweets, just like in TweetEffects. The dashboard has numbers, graphs and charts and seems to be useful for monitoring all kinds of activity.

There are a lot of apps out there for tweeters who want to keep an eye on the effects of their tweets, so make sure to check out Dyer’s list and do some research to find the app or combination that works best for you.

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5 thoughts on “Tweet, tweet: Are you using Twitter effectively?

  1. Doesn’t it scare you a little bit? All this talk about “tracking your online progress” creeps me out. Unless you’re a famous person, the idea of seeing how popular you are online leads me to one conclusion: that person is probably a complete narcissist. What happened to those days when we said what we needed to say face to face?

    • I think you’re right, that some things need to stay face-to-face. There is nothing better than spending quality time with friends in real life. For me, social networking is just another level of connectedness with the people I care about. And I use it to keep in touch with friends who live far away, too. I try not to worry about people tracking me, because I strive to make good, conscious decisions about what I make public and what I keep between close friends and family. There is a time and a place for everything, after all.

  2. I know some people (ANA) may find these twitter trackers creepy… and I will say that I have never used any of these twitter tracking tools, but after the readings this week I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about trying a few of them out.

    I don’t have a smartphone, so apps are not an option here… but the ones that offer a dashboard for use on a laptop I will certainly try out. Ha, I may even do my own blog post on it. I’ll keep you posted!

    Which ones seemed the most interesting to you?

    • Thanks for the comment, Katie. To answer your question, I am really interested in something like TweetEffect that shows the results of certain tweets. I do have an iPhone, but I have to be realistic about this: there is a point where a person is too connected, and I think a desktop app would be much better than one that follows me around on my phone all day.

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