CMS? aka Can’t-Miss Software!

In reading chapter 7 of Entrepreneurial Journalism this week, I discovered the keyword, keyphrase rather, of Mark Briggs’ discussion of technology that is available to those doing an online startup: CMS, which means content management system.

The chapter explains that there are three types of CMSes, which is a fancy way of saying who hosts your website and what the design and behind-the-scenes area look like. The types he mentions are (1) simple and free website-hosting sites, (2) those powered by blogs and (3) full open-source CMS sites.

Briggs goes into detail describing each system and how it works, and he spends a particular amount of time on WordPress. As you can see, my class chose WordPress for our blogs this semester. The main reason behind this has to do with web analytics, which I’ve discussed in this post and that one. For me, the huge upside to WordPress is that I had actually used it before without realizing it. Confused? Let me explain.

I spent a little time working for a magazine that frequently updated news releases, product descriptions and archival material to its family of websites. When I started the job, my bosses taught me how to post those updates, and they frequently referred to it as “the CMS system,” but I never really knew what that meant. As it turns out, the websites were powered by WordPress, but I never made that connection until I started running my own blog. It’s a small world after all.

What I found interesting about Briggs’ explanation was a little something called Weebly. It’s a hosting website that lets users design their sites using a drag-and-drop function. Because I have a strong background in desktop publishing, this definitely sounds like my kind of project. I’ve been thinking about building my own website for personal brand recognition, and I love that Weebly also includes a blog function, so I could maintain my resume and contact information on the main site and keep a blog that could show my real personality. I haven’t tried Weebly yet, but it sounds fantastic. Have any of you used it before? What did you think? Is there another program that you like even better? Watch the video above and let me know what you think.


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