What to expect in the near future

Hello all.

In my last post, I discussed the beginnings of my thesis and my expectations for it. I thought I would spend a few minutes today explaining what you will see here on the blog in the very near future.

Because I’ve spent a lot of time in class this semester getting my bearings for my thesis and laying the groundwork to really understand it, it has been a very slow process. However, with the semester coming to a close and final projects and papers due in all of my classes, I’m currently in a mad rush to get things finished up, tie the loose ends, ice the cake, etc.

Within about the next week and a half, you will see a new page on my blog. The page (not a post, but an addition to the blog, like my page that showcases my classmates’ blogs) will be the platform for my final project in Dr. Daniels’ class. I’ve been conducting interviews and writing survey questions for the better part of two or three weeks, and I’m finally starting to see results. As of right now, 41 people have completed my survey, and watching that number grow has been so neat, and it has given me a hopeful outlook for the future of my project.

The neatest thing that I’ve discovered in making my survey is that Survey Monkey, the platform I’m using, allows you to look at each individual respondent’s information. I can see what they answered to every question, and I can use their IP address to see where they are located in the world. So far I haven’t compiled that information, but I may do that with my project in the future to see what kinds of different people I may be reaching.

The other neat thing about this preliminary survey is that I’ve gotten a lot of good suggestions for my thesis and the real survey that I’ll have to conduct. I realized that I missed the opportunity to ask about a couple of things in this survey, so I’m glad that it’s a learning tool and not the final product. No one is perfect, right?

So please be on the lookout for my new page that will show off my thesis work so far. And think positive thoughts for my presentation to my professors in a couple of weeks!

Also, I tried to include a funny photo of penguins in this post, but the photo uploader is being finicky. Sorry!


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