Please take my survey!

Here goes nothing! After many weeks of deliberation, confusion and frustration about my thesis, it seems that I’ve finally got a topic sorted out that I understand and can work with.

Because I know you’re all so interested (yeah, right), here’s the deal: I’m using John Dimmick’s Niche Gratification Theory, plus the help of a survey, to analyze which aspects of print books and digital books satisfy readers better than others. For instance, I’m expecting that connectivity to the topic beyond the book will be better satisfied by digital books, and good old-fashioned print books will better satisfy the need to share books with others.

That being said, I’m still in the very early stages of the entire process, but the class I have with Dr. Daniels is pushing me further into it, which I like but can also be stressful at times. Thankfully, my paper for Theory class is written (pending edits), so that will be a small chunk of the final thesis (which I’ve decided to call a project, doesn’t that sound friendlier and less intimidating?).

But with Dr. Daniels’ class comes yet another survey.

This time it was different. This time, it was all on me to come up with the questions, figure out how to word them and check for general sensibility of the whole thing. No pressure or anything, right? I didn’t spend hours debating the specifics of questions with my classmates. I had to start at the beginning and do research before I could even think about writing questions. Basically, I was in search of factors that influence purchases of print books and digital books, and I found quite a few, including cost, portability, and the convenience of buying books.

So instead of the classroom debate, I examined the questions myself and had a friend look over them for clarity. After a few minor adjustments, I saved it and it went live! So if you read books on an e-reader or tablet, please go take my survey to help me with my class. Here’s the link:

Thank you!